Nonprofit organizations are subject to numerous and often complex laws, governmental regulations, funding restrictions, and reporting requirements. They also must comply with employment, contract, banking, and other laws applicable to all businesses.  At Stone Crosby, we help guide clients through these laws, regulatory systems, and organizational challenges. We assist nonprofit and philanthropic organizations of all types, including but not limited to those who have a commitment to providing public benefit, those dedicated to effectuating social change, or those realizing a creative or social entrepreneurial ambition. If you have an established nonprofit organization, or are looking to form a nonprofit organization, Stone Crosby is happy to assist you and your entity and provide you clear and feasible structures and mechanisms to help you focus efficiently on your vision.

Stone Crosby, P.C. has experience handling a range of Nonprofit corporate law and governance matters on behalf of various nonprofit organizations. We are regularly called on regarding the following matters:


  • Formation and incorporation
  • Governance and board structure, composition, roles, and responsibilities
  • Board/staff relationships, responsibilities, and delegation of authority
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Liability, risk management, insurance
  • Attorney General Issues
  • Relationship with chapters and affiliated organizations
  • Regulatory compliance and annual reporting
  • Corporate practices and record-keeping
  • Mergers and dissolutions