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Intellectual Property assets are vital for individuals and businesses alike. Similar to other resources, these assets need to be effectively protected and efficiently managed. As such, the foremost objective of Stone Crosby’s Intellectual Property practice is to help clients maximize and safeguard the value of their intellectual property, taking action when our clients’ rights are violated. Choosing the right law firm to protect your Intellectual Property is crucial. Having been founded over 100 years ago, Stone Crosby celebrates a rich history and an esteemed reputation for excellence and integrity built on that breadth of experience. Equipped with the talents of our dedicated team of IP attorneys, we are proud to help clients protect their unique ideas and assets, forging a relationship to last for years. Contact our firm to discuss your goals.

Stone Crosby, P.C. Intellectual Property Services

Stone Crosby’s team of IP attorneys advise a broad array of individuals, businesses, professionals, and large public corporations on Intellectual Property matters, including:

Trademarks: Trademark registration and maintenance are a key element of our intellectual property practice. As part and parcel of our work, we look to successfully maximize our clients’ current trademark portfolios and guide the selection and registration of new marks for products and services. We also conduct brand research and name clearance work.

Brand Monitoring: Effective brand management doesn’t end with securing a registration. A registered trademark or logo must be maintained for potential abuse. We will watch the US Patent and Trademark Office for applications that may infringe your brand, and issue Cease & Desist letters to the responsible persons. We will monitor domain name registrations and the Internet for inappropriate use or reputational risk. We partner with our clients to build smart branding strategies in a cost-effective manner.

Copyright protection: Copyrights protect material on tangible, permanent mediums granting exclusive rights to the creator or assignee to publish, perform, film, print, or record literal, artistic, or musical material or grant another to do so. Stone Crosby’s attorneys recognize the significance of a copyright to an individual or business and are dedicated to providing legal representation when a copyright is infringed upon.

Trade secret protection: A company’s trade secret is often the keystone to success. Aside from limiting access to a trade secret, a company should put other safeguards in place to protect the business, including confidentiality agreements and policies to keep trade secrets out of the wrong hands.

Licensing: Licensing intellectual property can be a major source of revenue for technology companies and other businesses. Our practice includes drafting and negotiating licensing agreements for our clients all with the goal of obtaining top revenues and maximum protection for them.

IP Litigation: When litigation is necessary, clients rely on our attorneys to provide the best possible representation. Our attorneys are widely respected for their legal skills, technical ability, trial capabilities and experience in successfully litigating intellectual property cases before administrative agencies, state courts, and federal courts.

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Intellectual Property matters deserve the attention of an experienced law firm. Our Stone Crosby, P.C. attorneys represent clients across Alabama with quality legal representation regarding an array of intellectual property matters. Our firm’s dedication to each client and tailored approach to each situation provides the effective legal services you deserve. Contact Stone Crosby, P.C. for a consultation today.

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