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Stone Crosby, P.C. provides effective representation for clients facing various family law matters. Our firm has a dedicated family law practice comprised of compassionate and zealous attorneys with extensive experience helping clients in one of the most significant legal matters they will ever endure. Especially those who are going through a divorce, picking the right attorney is crucial.  Divorce and family law matters can be overwhelming, both financially and emotionally. Contact Stone Crosby, P.C. to retain the services of a compassionate attorney who will work to resolve your legal matter in the most efficient way possible.

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Stone Crosby’s family law practice handles all family law matters, including, but not limited to:

Stone Crosby’s divorce mediation services

For some, addressing family law matters outside of court is the right decision. When parties can come together to resolve their issues with the guidance of a neutral third party, people can often save time and money while mitigating the emotional impact on the family. Stone Crosby P.C. provides families an alternative to litigation through its established mediation practice. Facilitating constructive sessions centered around a common goal, our certified mediators are ready to help you end your marriage amicably.

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