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Stone Crosby, P.C. provides effective legal services for both class action and collective action lawsuits. Our firm has provided zealous representation for decades, participating in legal actions and helping hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the lives of every client. Class action and collective actions are important societal function. Without these group actions, a person or persons could do a small amount of harm to a large number of people with little to no repercussions and courts can address many claims in the same case. If you believe you may have a claim that is suitable for a class action, do not hesitate to contact our firm to discuss your legal matter.

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action is a lawsuit brought by one person or the collective action of a few people on behalf of a larger group. Those who commit acts, such as mass fraud or injury know that it is far too expensive for one person or group to bring an individual suit when the loss is minor. Grouping people who are impacted by wrongdoing helps lower legal costs and improves efficiency. For those with few resources, a class action lawsuit helps them achieve justice that would normally be out of reach, recovering damages that compensate those who were mistreated.

The role of lead plaintiff

The person who files the action on behalf of many others is called the lead plaintiff. Their role in the proceedings is to be a representative for others in the same situation. The lead plaintiff has a weighty position, including consulting with the attorneys for the class, monitor litigation, attend meetings and possible depositions, and even appear at trial in some cases.

When you work with our firm

Our team of attorneys are ready to thoroughly investigate your legal matter and assess the appropriateness of filing a class action lawsuit. If others are in the same situation, we will represent you zealously, working to hold wrongdoers accountable for you and those you represent as a lead plaintiff.

Contact Stone Crosby, P.C.

Stone Crosby, P.C. has decades of experience representing classes defrauded or injured. Though the task might seem monumental, if you act as lead plaintiff, our firm will guide you every step of the way and protect the rights of interests of thousands. Contact our firm to discuss your claim and to explore others in the same situation. Contact Stone Crosby, P.C.

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