How Do I Update My Will in Alabama?

Creating a will is an important decision in any person’s life. No matter when it is written, it should be updated as life goes on. This is because, over the years, everyone experiences significant changes. It is crucial to revisit a will and see if it needs to be updated. Continue reading below to learn more about how this is done and contact an experienced Alabama estate planning attorney for assistance.

Why Would I Update a Will?

Generally, a will should be revisited every three to five years. This is to see if it needs to be updated to reflect any changes that have occurred in your life over the years. There are many changes a person may experience, such as certain losses or gains in their life. This may be either financially, physically, or both. For example, you may get or lose a job or assets, changing your financial status. Or, you may have an addition or loss in your family, changing your beneficiaries. These situations warrant the updating of a will.

How do I Change a Will?

There are different options to update a will if you wish to do so. This can include the following:

  • Amend it with a codicil. Making minor changes to a will you already have can be done with a codicil. This is a document attached to the will, stating the changes you want to make. This can either explain, modify, or revoke part of it. The creation of a codicil must be done by the same execution requirements as a will. Make sure it does not cause further confusion with the original will.
  • Creating a new will. This may be easier for some to just revoke an original will and make a new one instead of writing a codicil. This can be done by going online to write a new will with the necessary changes and print it out. This can also eliminate the possibility of conflicts between an old will and a codicil. However, in doing so, be sure you revoke the old will so it does not cause confusion later on. 

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