Handling Child Custody Agreements on Halloween in Alabama

Parents in Alabama who go through a divorce usually create a parenting time agreement. This outlines how both parents plan to raise their child together. This document often includes which holidays each parent will get to spend with their child. This can include major holidays and others such as Halloween. Continue reading below to learn more about how to handle these matters and contact an experienced Alabama family law attorney for guidance.

Tips for Sharing Custody on Halloween

The holidays are times of the year in which parents can make memories with their children. This can include dressing a child up in their costume and trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood. However, parents who are divorced may not have the chance to do this every year. If parents cannot agree about how to take care of these arrangements, there are ways to handle the matter that can work for both of them. This can include:

  • Sharing the night. If possible, parents can share the night so they can both see their kids. This may be possible by splitting the night into shifts so one parent can take the child trick-or-treating in their neighborhood before the other takes their turn. Another option can be to put aside their differences to spend the night together for their child.
  • Other Halloween events. The days and weeks leading up to Halloween often include a variety of festive activities that families can participate in. If a parent does not have parenting time on Halloween, they can take their child to other events such as pumpkin patches, early trick-or-treating events, fall activities, and more when they do have their time.
  • Alternate years. When parents are unable to split the night of Halloween, they may wish to alternate their years. This means they switch on and off every year to allow each other the opportunity to spend the whole night with their child. 
  • Adult parties. There are many adults who dress up and participate in Halloween as well as children. These celebrations often include alcohol. It is because of this that parents should be cautious of their behavior and what they post on social media, as it can potentially harm a custody situation. 

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