Why You Should Avoid Using Social Media During the Divorce Process

As you know, social media plays a huge role in our society. Almost everyone has at least one type of social media account, and for good reason. Social media allows us to stay connected, engage in meaningful discussion, voice our beliefs, and more. However, as you know, social media also has several drawbacks, including the fact that once you post something, it becomes part of the public record. Even if you delete your post, people can screenshot it or otherwise save it–the bottom line is that your post will always be there in some way. For this very reason, social media often affects the outcome of divorces in today’s day and age, which is why if you are entering the divorce process, you must continue reading and speak with our Alabama divorce attorneys to learn more about social media and divorce, and why you should do everything in your power to stay away from using it, if possible.

Social Media & Divorce | What You Should Know

To start, you should understand that anything you post or text can, and most likely will, be used against you. This is why the first rule of thumb is that you should never talk badly about your ex on social media. Doing so will almost always negatively impact your divorce, even if you believe that everyone should know what your former spouse did to you. Courts look down on this sort of behavior, and you can bet that they will feel the same when you do it.

Additionally, you should understand that even posts that you believe are harmless may also come back to haunt you, which is why you should avoid social media altogether. For example, if you are requesting alimony or child support payments, yet you post pictures of eating a fancy dinner, purchasing a new car, or taking a vacation, there is a very good chance that your ex and his or her attorney will use this against you to “prove” that you do not truly require these payments.

In other cases, posting a picture of you at a party or spending a night out with friends where alcohol is involved may prompt your former spouse and his or her attorney to insinuate that you have a substance abuse issue, or even poor judgment, which can negatively impact child custody. Even posting a picture with a new significant other can affect the outcome of your divorce, regardless of when you met the individual.

The bottom line is that social media and divorce do not mix, and if you are ready to begin the divorce process, you should also be ready to begin holding off on posting until your divorce is finalized.

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