What is a No-Fault Divorce in Alabama?

How do I Maintain my Privacy in an Alabama Divorce?

The process of divorce is complicated and it is usually a very emotional matter for all parties involved. It is because of this that spouses tend to want to keep the details of these situations private. This is especially so if they are going through a high profile or high net worth divorce. When dealing with this, spouses should know that there are a variety of ways that they can protect their divorce from becoming public knowledge. Continue reading to learn more and retain the services of an Alabama divorce attorney for assistance during this time.

Use out of Court Methods

Spouses who are able to reach decisions regarding the future of their marital issues with one another can do so outside of the courtroom. This allows the process to be completed faster and quieter than it would during litigation. In order to do so, spouses can participate in alternative methods of divorce such as mediation, collaboration, or arbitration. They can use these methods to make arrangements with the guidance of others, such as third parties or attorneys. Once this is done, formal divorce paperwork can be filed so the settlement can be approved by the court. This process allows spouses the best chance at maintaining their privacy, as terms that were agreed upon privately do not become public record.

Put Temporary Agreements in Place

When spouses are entering a divorce, they can benefit from establishing temporary agreements with one another before they begin the proceedings. This can be done with attorneys so that both spouses can protect their best interests by abiding by these agreements throughout the process. Examples of this can include freezing marital assets or having a temporary custody arrangement until final agreements are made. 

Use Your Prenup

Spouses can sign a prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup, before they get married. This outlines how they want their assets to be divided in the event that they go through a divorce in the future. This document can be helpful in situations where spouses want to keep their divorce private, as their plan for the future is already laid out and details do not have to be worked out. In addition to this, sometimes prenups can include privacy clauses to make sure neither spouse speaks of their divorce.

Consider Grounds for Divorce When Filing

At the start of filing divorce paperwork, spouses must cite grounds for their divorce, such as fault or no-fault. It is important for spouses who want to keep their divorce private to carefully consider these options. This is because a couple’s grounds for divorce can be public record. It can be less troublesome to simply cite no-fault grounds for irreconcilable differences rather than stating fault grounds for reasons of abuse, abandonment, adultery, etc. 

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